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The Village Tackles Loneliness.

Alex Zeineddin  | Published on 9/11/2019
Take a moment and think about your older neighbors. Do you speak to them often? Do you speak to them ever? Do you even know their names? Their faces are so familiar that without them your community wouldn’t feel the same. Yet many are struggling from a profound sense of loneliness, an epidemic hidden in plain sight. According to a 2012 UCSF study, nearly half of those 60 and older described feeling isolated, although fewer than one quarter actually lived alone. Even worse was the discovery that feeling lonely had a significant negative impact on their health.
Aware of this growing problem, The Village at Kentlands and Lakelands is proud to announce it is expanding and refocusing its mission with a greater commitment towards creating social engagement. While still working to help those 55 and older stay in their homes for as long as they choose, the Village recognizes that it can do far more for its members. And like their new logo, they seek to combine the best of what th