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Annual membership dues are a large part of why the Village at Kentlands and Lakelands can offer such a wide variety of programs and services. Your dues, combined with donations, grants, and volunteer hours, help cover the myriad of costs that make running the Village possible.  Download a membership form by clicking on the button, BECOME A MEMBER.


Full members will receive total access to all our sponsored events, programs, and interest groups,
as well as direct services

Annual Individual Membership       $200.00
(This plan is for a single person, 55 or older)

Annual Household Membership     $300.00
(For a household with two or more persons at least one person 55 or older, with annual dues totalling $300)


Temporary membership is available for 3 months duration. Residents will receive total access to all our sponsored events, programs and interest groups as well as direct services.

3 Month Individual Membership        $75.00

A household with two or more        $125.00
persons, with at least one person
55 or older.

*****It is our policy that no resident of Kentlands or Lakelands will be excluded from membership for financial reasons. Therefore, we plan to offer several options including flexible payment scheduling, temporarily reduced dues, and subsidized dues.  There will be no dues required for residents who are 90 years of age or older. 

As an added incentive to our existing members to enroll in this membership program, we would offer a 50% reduction in membership dues for one year beginning in 2020.